Hi “Christian Tech Nerd”

Congrats on your tech skills and making wise decisions.
Trust in the Lord and do not lean on one’s own understanding
which is why I do little, but write
have a great day
“waking up sleepy-head”
“Mr do-little”


The Christian Tech-Nerd

Hi! I would like to share with my readers similar Christian blogs that I think they would enjoy learning about.

I’m going to start adding links to similar Christian blogs to this page sometime this week so please check this page regularly as I’ll be updating the list of blogs daily!

If you would like for me to place a link to your blog please send it to me in the comments section and I’ll add it to the list below. You do not have to place a link to my blog on your blog/site in order to get a link to your blog listed here, but I would very much appreciate if you did.

Christian Blogs I Recommend:

Young Women of the Faith

Alicia Marentette

Salty Saints

Exploring Jesus

Shaun C. Kennedy’s Bible Translation Blog

Matthew 6.6

Alpha Omega Portal

Marred in the Master’s hands

Cards Coffee And God

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